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Welcome to St Chad's...

Welcome to St Chad's...

As a church that is part of the Church of England, we are the parish church for New Moston in the Diocese of Manchester. We believe and trust in one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit - the Trinity of God’s Love.

Our Church offers a large worship space and events centre, open to all. At the heart of all we do here, we seek to bring our community together in God’s Kingdom of love, joy and peace. We want to include and support all who may visit us, and seek to develop projects in partnership with others to further this. Please look out for our future events or ask if you would like to be involved.

candles in church

We are a committed, faithful congregation… some of us are mature in years whilst still young at heart! Many of us serve and support in our local community. We hope that you may share in our worship of God and service to others in our shared journey of faith. A recent addition for us is Messy Church - an all age and all stages time of worship, we only ask that children to bring their parents!

We hold sessions of Messy Church on a regular basis, check out our Facebook page: Go to St Chad's Facebook page

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We are here to help all who live in our parish in prayer and projects. We enjoy regular times together on the first Saturday of the month for Meet and Eat (Autumn and Winter - for soup, and morning coffee in the Spring and Summer– with lots of homemade cake!)

When do we meet?

Sunday/Thursday services

Sunday - Services of Holy Communion are at 08.15, and at 09.45 a.m.

Sunday School during the 9.45am service (term-time only)

Thursday - Service of Holy Communion at 10am followed by Tea and Toast 

The First Saturday of the month
Morning coffee served at 10 a.m. Summer months
Soup served at 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. - Winter months

Messy Church meets with crafts, food and worship 1-3.00 p.m. on the 2nd Sunday, every month. Children with parents and carers welcome. (See facebook page)


All-sorts service - last Sunday of the month.

At our Crib Service on Christmas Eve we enjoyed an All-sorts style service. We told our own Nativity Story, with young and older joining in, dressing up, building the crib, singing loud enough to raise the church roof, and then making their own Christingle to decorate the Christmas tables. Our church looked beautiful, with christmas lights lighting up the walls and the trees. What a fantastic way to start the Christmas weekend.

Up and Coming Events

LENT MEETING 2017 -  7.30 - 8.30 in church


Tuesday 7th - Romans 8 The Christian spiritual life

Monday 13th - Coming home

Tuesday 21st - In celebration of wholeness

Tuesday 28th - In celebration of love


Tuesday 4th - Prayer walk




2nd - 10am - Said Eucharist

5th - 8.15am - Service of the Word/9.45am - Sung Eucharist

9th - 10am - Said Eucharist

12th - 8.15am - Service of the Word/9.45am - Sung Eucharist

16th - 10am - Said Eucharist

19th - 8.15am - Said Eucharist/9.45am - Sung Eucharist

23rd - 10am - Said Eucharist

26th - 8.15am - Service of the Word/9.45am - ALLSORTS - Service of the Word

30th - 10am - Said Eucharist


2nd - 8.15am - Said Eucharist/9.45am - Sung Eucharist

6th - 10am - Said Eucharist

9th - 8.15am - Service of the Word/9.45am - Sung Eucharist/1pm - Messy Church

13th - 7.30pm - Maunday Thursday

14th - 12 noon - Good Friday

16th - 9.45am EASTER SUNDAY - Sung Eucharist

20th - 10am - Said Eucharist

23rd - 8.15am - Said Eucharist/9.45am - Sung Eucharist

27th - 10am - Said Eucharist

30th - 8.15am - Service of the Word/9.45am - ALLSORTS - Service of the Word


What’s on @ St Chad’s


Day Time Activity
Wednesday 7.30pm Room used by Fuzion Dance Troop



Tea and Toast Service

St Chad’s Singers' rehearsal

Time - TBC Confirmation classes are held at various times throughout the year
Saturday 10am - 12pm Meet and Eat Soup and a roll in Winter. Tea/coffees and homemade cakes in the warmer weather. (On first Saturday of every month)

8.15 am

9.45 am

1pm - 3pm

Said Eucharist

Sung Eucharist

Messy Church - Every other month, second Sunday